Hardon III

For over 8500 Orahalcian years, the history of the three recognized astroplexia has been an unrelenting series of shocks to the universe’s biozones. The experience of extinction is now a universal commonplace. Mass death is written into the genetic code of fungus species, burned into the landscapes of once-living planets, and recorded over and over in language and numbers. For speech-bearing scholars under the demeteris authoritat system, the constant apocalypse of history is written in Eckian words and Eckian numerals.

Eckian is the primary language of the solitary continent on Hardon III, the third planet in the thirteen-body Hardon system in the Cherry Galaxy, near the “tail” of the Orahalciades astroplex. Eckian was chosen as the standard language of prehistorical and historical researches in autumn of 8388 OC (18,245 PS) at the Pandemeterian Ancient Societies Symposium. The choice was made for four reasons: (1) Eckian is used by practitioners from each of the Three Great Orthodoxies. (2) Eckian has remained well-known since the Greatest Sundering. (3) Its literary tradition has left consistent records across repeated Sunderings. (4) It is one of the only extant languages known to have been used in prehistoric times.

Eck and its companion ocean, Suligris Festatus, are rich in living resources – major Eckian exports are poetry, hairstyles, fish, and historical research. Braddock Cliffs’ “Blackest” Brand yellow spawnlings are essential to the healing technologies of the witch nurses of Erifu IX, where specimens prepared in the Erifuine method fetch prices as astronomical as the distances crossed to deliver them. Some famous persons of Third Hardonian origin are: Aaso Cong, Agothrasher, Ezdsos, Harral bar Smit, Hongo the Queenly, Jal-Vayu, Lansing bar Miller, Ja-ong Sidges, Pelamabry, and Seye Renee Scanlia.

There are three separate political bodies on Eck, each with three members in the Hardon system’s Representative Body, but symbolically led by a single Primate. This is a point of contention with the marginalized inhabitants of Hardon II, who have the standard allotment of three representatives to cover their oft-fractured political bodies and multiple primacies.

  • contribution by Shishil Doon Crow

Hardon III

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