Grendex civilization

Grendex were one of several sentient species originating from systems within the Naal Shob astroplex. Recently, a semi-fossilized Grendex body has been recovered from a site on Second Uiyp, confirming the diary of Yaarick the Traveler:

The illuminated tube crossed the galley to starboard and, forcing gasses through the length of its body in a manner that simultaneously mimed the convulsions of retching and the swelling of a phallus, managed to approximate the sounds of Eckian language. In such an uneasy way, this upright segmented tube and I dickered until a fair price had been determined for the crate of gelatinous, striped fruits which so pleased Queen Mauros. (ca. 1850 PS)

While it is unclear when and how Grendex civilization fell, Neorationalist archaeologists have uncovered an ash layer on Uiyp V bearing trace residues of catalite, suggesting that tesseract weapons or a possibility bomb had been deployed there within the past ten thousand Vetani years (roughly 4600 Orahalcian years ago). This would indicate that the Grendex civilization may have met its doom sometime between the Fifth and Sixth Sunderings, possibly at the hands of the Berrune, who may have still been operating at that time in the nearby Co-Yoq system.

This and other evidence accumulated since the Greatest Sundering indicates that the Grendex were, in fact, a species with highly refined technological traditions. Of these traditions, the best understood by contemporary scholarship is Grendex genomancy, which they may have used to produce aquatic frel (the “striped fruits” of Yaarick), and the singular Quadratic Ants.

Grendex may have been a religious species. Again Yaarick:

At this time, Horrhorrf the Tube presented to me a tiny idol in the shape of an upside-down black pyramid. I asked him if this was like a devatic cube, and he breathed out a negative reply. In a mixture of Berrunic caterwauls and Eckian words, he explained that the pyramid in this orientation was a model of the great tube deity, Sail-Mail-Kail, who had turned itself inside out as it tried to swallow Uiyp IX. (ca. 1850 PS)

  • contribution by Shishil Doon Crow

Grendex civilization

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