Greatest Sundering

The Greatest Sundering (8100 Orahalcian calendar) occurred when an unknown saboteur aboard the neopirate ship Your Mother connected the vessel’s infinity engine to a smuggled possibility bomb, triggering approximately 3,141,592,653 simultaneous reality-warping explosions at the instant the drive was activated. (Needless to say, Your Mother was destroyed approximately 3,141,592,653 times.)

The extent of the devastation is still being calculated and may never be understood in its entirety. Numerous systems were affected; several worlds and their inhabitants were destroyed outright through various effects too horrific to mention. Certain others began to cycle backward in time, while some were transported to other areas of the void entirely, resulting in gravitational upheaval, severe atmospheric disturbances, and unimaginable traffic delays. A lucky few beings (such as Jod Soma) were arguably changed for the better.

Believers in the collected prophecies of Ezdsos often refer to the Greatest Sundering as the Seventh Sundering, as one particularly morbid verse seems to portend an even greater disaster to come:

The void tore asunder, The Devourer emerged
His spawn seethed forth, stars fell from the sky
The devas lamented, a terrible dirge
All light extinguished, all hope died

Members of the Oddrian Synod have contested that this grim and clumsy rhyme has been erroneously attributed to Ezdsos, as it is plainly inconsistent with his final and most famous prediction (simply: “Everything will be fine”). Others, however, have noted that this blandly optimistic platitude has repeatedly been proven false.

  • entry by Jirge Imega of Erifu IX

Greatest Sundering

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