First Sundering

The First Sundering refers to the period of decline and collapse that preceded the catastrophic events of the Greatest Sundering, specifically that period of time following the collapse of transspatial communications technology in the wake of the Omega Emanation. At first the initial sundering was regarded as the cataclysmic and sudden dissolution of presundered civilization and a descent from “light into endless twilight(1).” However, recent scholarship suggests that despite the sudden breakdown of communication systems the First Sundering was not a singular event, but rather the consequence of presundered civilization’s reckless consumption of limited catalite resources and the waves of collective guilt and mass suicides following the creation of the Worst Movie Ever Made.

While most of the technological, scientific, and scholarly records preceding and during the First Sundering have been lost, much information has been gleaned from Suel Lio’s “Before We Could Speak” anthology. If one takes into account the mythological character of presundering writing, Lansing Bar Miller’s poem “Autumn” might not be an example of agricultural poetry so much as a eschatological allegory predicting the First Sundering.

“The rhythm of living descended into the crackling beat of the hearth fire.

Having come, Winter said, now you will play my drums.” – Lansing Bar Miller

  • Written by Reinink Tardieu, the Self Originate

(1) Aeric von Streibert, “Radical Manscaping Declassified.” pgs 692-693

First Sundering

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