The following is an excerpt from Me, Myself, and Everyone Else: The Erasure of Isolation by Chief Psychomarketer Hogan Foxtrot of Erifu VI.

“What is true magick, if not GETTING WHAT YOU WANT AT ALL TIMES? The definition and purpose are one and the same; love, revenge, wealth, power: these are all reflections of the greatest drive of all species, which is APPETITE. Unhappiness is defined as the opposite of getting what you want. Those who are unhappy after having had their desires obtained either had misplaced appetites (e.g., yearning to be beautiful when what they truly NEED is acceptance), or are insane, and in the latter case are of no consequence.

“I envision, in the not-too-distant future, a community in which ALL WANTS ARE ATTAINABLE. I imagine it will be called a Luciplex. Individuals will sojourn intra-psychically to a place of unimaginable opportunity. There will be vendors promoting all possibilities. There will be assistants to shepherd travelers to the seat of their true desires. All prices will be negotiable, and all offers will be accepted, as everyone has something of interest to someone else. Pasts and futures will be exchangeable. Limits will not exist.

“All will be united in this economy of WISH FULFILLMENT. The meanest urges and the noblest aspirations will be REALIZED: a taste of frel, a happy childhood, fornication without shame or consequence, love that is pure and true, a meaningful death; all wants will be considered equal, and all will be granted. Happiness will be universal and enduring; complete satisfaction will be INEVITABLE and INESCAPABLE.”


Sealed Texts of the Sundered Age homoDM