Jod Soma

“I never know what is going to happen. If you don’t keep yourself ready, you will waste what opportunities you get. He made me realize that. I have to use my abilities to glorify His name. You get caught up in pitching, but it’s just a game. It isn’t going to define you as a man. How you face up to Jod is what matters.” – Hilla Hong, front left footer for the Hardon Harlanfishers, 8603

It was the corner of the third barrage from the Erifu Er-wongia, and the UC Rollers were dangling on a leading fourth. The seats and the bases were both filled. The great Vash Lopwax had just chopped another thirteen points off the Rollers’ tree. Things were really grim. The fans were glaring at each other. They were roaring at each other across the arena.

Lopwax did his signature chi stretches. He knew it was the pitch of his life, but he didn’t know why. The Er-wongia fans were in the moment, too; they exploded. The noise was incredible, people were dying from vibrashock in the stands.

Eighteen and a half trillion eyes across the Unus Confederation fell on Lopwax, but no one saw Jodus Somatic. He wrenched the lever in his hands and stamped on the platform like a wallop in rut, but he was just a shadow up to pull. Totally invisible. Vash Lopwax was just too brilliant, and no one in the rioting crowd could see the puller.

Then – Lopwax lets the pitch go! It was a blaze across the arena that cut right into Jod’s swath of shadow and ignominy.

Then – pitching fans had been joking about it for years, but it finally really happens. There’s a damn Sundering right in the middle of the pitching match! The world tears itself in half right down the middle of the arena, exactly along the path of the Er-wongia pitch.

Jodus pulls the lever, the platform springs, the pitch and the fissure in the arena combine into an orange rod of destruction. For just a second the sound slaughter in the stands stops as Erifuans and Unusites stare. Jod slams into the Rod of the Sundering as it rides Lopwax’s mighty pitch . . .

He deflects the pitch! The crowd is turning over like boiled white root, it’s a madhouse, it’s an asylum world! Thousands die!

You can see all this on the reels. You can see for yourself how Jodus Somatic won the 8100 Demeterean Pitching Series for the Unus Confederation Rollers and the Vetani Conference, and how in a flash of glory, skill, and raw chance he became Jod Soma, the immortal emblem of all athletics, the multidimensional paragon of sporting, the first legend of the new age of pitching.

written by Rad Wradlon, High Secretary, Confederated Unusite Pitching

Jod Soma

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