Jelaxis Enterprises

Jelaxis Enterprises originated on Hardon III as a company that marketed educational toys, domestic companion organisms, and leisure media featuring lovable, clownish holograms. Its Element Doll and Isosceles Pet product lines were immensely popular (for a time) while characters such as “Baxter Boxil” and “Buster Berrune” became so ubiquitous that they were forever imprinted on the universal unconscious.

Jelaxis Enterprises eventually outgrew its headquarters and purchased its own planet, which it evacuated and renamed Jelaxis Prime. The entire world was remodeled into an amusement park, which became a popular getaway destination for familial units wealthy enough to afford entry. For an extra fee, parents could have their children’s docility levels surreptitiously increased by exposure to psychoanimation specifically developed for that purpose.

Many if not all of Jelaxis Enterprises’ products were eventually decreed A Grave Threat To Life As We Know It by the demeteris authoritat. The company saved itself from economic reprisal by allying itself with the Neopirate Archipelago, offering Jelaxis Prime as a headquarters for neopirate operations in exchange for protection. This in turned spurred a “golden age” for neopiracy.

It has been suggested that the sabotage of Your Mother, which resulted in the Greatest Sundering, was an attempt to destroy Jelaxis Enterprises (in which case, it succeeded).

  • entry by Jirge Imega of Erifu IX

Jelaxis Enterprises

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