Isosceles Pet

Isosceles Pet was a domesticated, carnivorous variation of holly pet engineered by Jelaxis Enterprises and marketed as a household companion organism, desirable for its gentle trilling sound and fragrantly aphrodesiac blossoms, as well as its endless appetite for insects and other small pests. The product proved immensely popular and did well for several years, despite isolated reports that some specimens had grown so large as to prove hazardous to toddlers and other household companion organisms.

Jelaxis Enterprises faced major public reprisal after it was discovered that Isosceles Pet had succeeded in colonizing the sewer systems of several major cities. (Per urban legend, the trouble began when someone flushed a small Isosceles down a household waste disposal chute.) A genetic code rendered unstable by extensive manipulation by its developers, in conjunction with a high level of soluble fertilizers and other chemicals in the waste water, allowed the “Flower That Loves You™” to mutate into a rampaging vegetable horror that was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Although efforts were made to eradicate Isosceles Pets, the plants had become too widespread and too entrenched for these attempts to succeed, and some worlds simply had to be abandoned altogether. Many would-be heroes fell prey to the deadly thorns and spores of the plant; the neopaladin Jericus Chastity met his grisly end in a crusade against an Isosceles nest. He was canonized many years later, and developed an intense following among florists, landscapers, and prudes.

  • entry by Jirge Imega of Erifu IX

Isosceles Pet

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