infinity engine

Infinity engines are the core hardware components of tesseraction, or tesseract propulsion. Knowledge of the first infinity engines has been lost, but evidence suggests that civilizations on Vetani Main, Pheneleon, and Greater Slivex all possessed primitive infinity engine technology by -150 Post-Sundering, making the construction of IEs a strand of expertise as old as agriculture.

Prehistoric spacefarers’ ships consumed vast amounts of raw catalite – the unrefined offal of the extinct supermassive astrophages – and were incapable of tesseraction. It was not until the literally pathbreaking work of the T’Evuian genius Dagandam in the interim between the first and second sunderings that Catalyst X was transmuted and tesseraction was made possible. Among Vetani and Orahalcian worlds, the only spacefaring civilization to regularly use pre-Catalyst X ships are the Qor’hat Mier, who use a technology similar to Berrunian sonicism.

Tesseraction was initially kept secret by the Tripartite Hegemony and helped fuel its conquest. Until the early twenty-first century (OC), infinity engines were constructed from the flesh of laboring fungi, which was mechanically stimulated to reconfigure around the Catalyst X. But, when demeteris authoritat governance began to spread in the shadow of the Hegemony, access to boxil supplies were increasingly restricted and infinity engine designs were forced to diversify. Today, each major spacefaring civilization has its own style of infinity engine.

Tesseraction has introduced travelers to the no-space between one point and itself.

  • contribution by Shishil Doon Crow

infinity engine

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