holly pet

Holly pet, also known as tellander, satoimo, and naiwah, is an aquatic perennial of the family Lenumbonaceae. From ancient times the holly pet has been a symbol of hearth and home, and of sexual purity and virtue. Its leaves, seeds, fruit, and its roots are full of nutrients, fiber, and starch, and were an important component of the cuisine of Hardon III.

As one of Hardon III’s first cultigenic plants, there are currently as many as three thousand holly pet varieties cultivated and genetically engineered for various purposes. Several variety have been modified to survive the rigors of space travel or diseases, while others have been modified simply to produce more interesting colors and flavors. Many hybridized holly pet species exist as well, such as jolly pets and the carnivorous Isosceles Pets.

Since the outlawing of lethal heckling in the Reform Act of 526, violence committed over popular resentment for tepid humor and bad puns was replaced by the ritual “throwing of the holly pet,” thus replacing the tillis as the favored non-lethal throwing weapon of Eckian culture.

  • Written by Reinink Tardieu, the Self Originate

holly pet

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