Hell, originally conceptualized in Eckian lore as a place of eternal suffering for the souls of the hopelessly unfashionable, is located in a distant reach of darkest space at the furthest edge of the Naal Shob astroplex. It became visible only in the wake of the Greatest Sundering.

It is a misshapen, rocky planetoid that orbits very near to a red giant tentatively named Pnofeok, where it is subject to incredible heat and radiation. Preliminary examination through a sub-void smelloscope suggests that it is surprisingly overcrowded with a variety of lifeforms that appear analogous to a number of races commonly found within the other two astroplexia. How this world manages to support such a dense population is something of a mystery, as no bodies of water are evident on its surface. The Eckian Geonymic Society, in a rare display of humor, named the world “Hell” because it seems by all measures to be an exceedingly unpleasant place to live.

It has yet to be determined whether Hell existed all along, or if it spontaneously sprang into being due to massive possibility detonation.

  • entry by Jirge Imega of Erifu IX


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