Frel were an edible organism first discovered on Uiyp IX. Approximately the size of a double fist, they presented with round, floating, fleshy bodies with a velvety, brightly-striped exterior. By all accounts they were extremely delicious, a trait that proved unfortunate as it resulted in their extinction. Though many attempts were made to transport them and cultivate them on other planets, these endeavors inevitably failed; it is speculated that they were only capable of survival on Uiyp IX due to a confluence of atmospheric gases and radiation unique to that world.

Because frel possessed no identifiable orifice, sensory organs, or means of reproduction, it has been postulated that they did not evolve independently but were specifically engineered by the ancient Grendex civilization to satisfy their nutritional requirements. Of their mysteriously alluring flavor, Suel Lio wrote:

My first bite of frel:
unparalleled succulence,
chewy and yet firm.

Oh, you juicy ball!
Teasing, tempting my tastebuds!
I swallow: rapture!

It’s as though I’ve had
an orgasm in my mouth,
but not as sticky.

A possible aquatic forebear the terrestrial frel was later discovered on Uiyp VIII. However, these specimens were reported as having an unpleasant rubbery taste that caused extreme abdominal distension due to the gases released by digestion of the meat, which in extreme cases led to fatal intestinal ruptures.

  • entry by Jirge Imega of Erifu IX


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