Ezdsos (2014?-2045? OC) was originally the second principal of the cult of Mimis-Da on Obia Decimus. It was his charisma and shrewd political mind that brought about the spread of Mimis-Da’s influence among the Orahalciades worlds during the period after the Second Sundering. The cult’s acolytes were ambitious historians, and though their archive moon, Oddr IV, was blown from its orbit in the aftermath of the Fifth Sundering, a sizeable corpus of material detailing the lives of Ezdsos remains.

The original Ezdsos was born Haat Ezdsos Shan to a nomadic mining clan of distant Eckian Hardonite origin. According to custom, the young Ezdsos’s maturation was accelerated chemically and he spent the first four years of his life mining debris belts dating back as far as the Second Sundering. He experienced his first contact with the deva Apilael at age three, commemorated in the Hardonian hymnal, What Pinion of Light Wise Harzalee.

Ezdsos was able to take command of the Cult of Mimis-Da some ten years later when, using chronopia, he accurately related the details of the cult’s founding to its first principal, the molluscine psychic XaH, forcing it to retreat into the bottomless spiral of its own shell. Ezdsos remained the principal until his death, which was simultaneous with the arrival of HaX on Vetani around 4442 PS.


Fourth principal of Mimis-Da, Iatzer Widener (2112-2131 OC) was a native Obian of the “speaking” phenotype. Supported by familial wealth, he rose to prominence in the cult early in life, but demonstrated chronopia only after finishing scribe training at the age of 15. The major accomplishment of his career was the completion of the archives on Oddr IV. Dissent over the legitimacy of his principality led to the birth of the Cult of Feng-Ioch.


First principal of Feng-Ioch, Haat Habizenx Pilan (2104-2160 OC) shared an Eckian heritage with Ezdsos. In 2130 he led the remaining descendants of the mining clan in a political struggle for orthodoxy against the native Obian majority. When Iatzer was assassinated one year later on the cult’s moon base, Habizenx and the reformed cult took control of Oddr IV and established a separate tradition of contact with Apilael there.

Among the recorded prophecies of Habizenx are possible predictions of the Fourth through Seventh (Greatest) Sunderings as well as a potential eighth sundering. Verification of the events described in Habizenx’s prophecies is difficult as the elder of Feng-Ioch routinely prophesied in verse.

  • contributed by Shishil Doon Crow


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