Emanation is the term used to describe the psychic residue or “print” left in a particular location caused by a highly emotionally-charged event: typically an untimely death, horrendous battle, devastating natural disaster, or some other such gruesome mortal tragedy.

Emanations can vary widely in their frequency and intensity. Some reportedly manifest only on certain anniversaries or under specific celestial conditions, whereas others occur much more regularly. Similarly, some weaker emanations can only be experienced as “dreams” or “visions” during a sentient entity’s restorative phase, while others are sufficiently energetic that they can appear during normal consciousness and can interact with the material environment. Some are so powerful that they have been mistaken for devas upon initial contact.

Emanations are more common among species who evidence advanced psychic development. Perhaps the most well-known example from legend is the “ghost world” formerly known as Kleak Lambda. The inhabitants of this planet existed primarily as free-roving thoughtforms that were loosely tethered to the physical world by a devolved physical body. Kleak Lambda and every living being on it were consumed in the infamous Uragerad Event; however, per neopirate lore an emanated form of the world and its inhabitants remains in its place and can be encountered when a large astronomical body crosses the Kreak star and creates an umbra where the dead planet once existed. Unfortunately, archaeological excursions to this area have never returned to report their findings.

  • entry by Jirge Imega of Erifu IX


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