Devas are formed when hyperdimensional liquid “deviatic essence” crystallizes through the L’utomachian Processes into a ten dimensional hypersolid, through a process best described as condensation.

While the nature of deviatic essence is still highly disputed, scholars generally agree that it is composed of subatomic particles loosely fitting the Orahalcian criterion for life. While most deviatic essence exists in a liquid state in dimensions tangent to but not intruding into spacetime, sometimes the deviatic essence crystallizes in a manner not dissimilar to the crystallization of salt in a salt mixture. Once this L’utomachian process begins deviatic essence continues to accumulate on the deviatic hypersolid, leading to increased complexity and the development of nonlocal intelligence. Devas therefore are best understood as deviatic hypersolid superorganisms, roughly comparable to Quadratic Ants and certain breeds of Boxil.

The exact nature of mortal deva contact is the subject of endless debate between the Three Great Orthodoxies. Tautologist scholars generally agree that the devas were angels. Cybergnosticians argue that Devas were capable of directly communicating with the presundered races, as evidenced by the prophetic writings of Ezdsos of Obia Decimus and others. Neorationalists dismiss this conclusion as nothing more than the psychological tendency of presundered races to anthropomorphize experiences outside of their understanding, and instead prefer to interpret phenomena such as Ezdsos’s dreams of Apilael and his chronopia as only a side effect of the string entities warping space and time in their wake.

Significant attention in recent years has been paid to the condensation and dissolution cycle of deviatic essence. The subjugation of Apilael into the Battle Helm of Arch-Vizier Jakkorrob indicates that in some instances mortals were capable of breaking deviatic crystalline hypersolids back down into liquid deviatic essences, replacing the group will of the superorganism with the will of the artifact’s creator.

  • Written by Reinink Tardieu, the Self Originate

P.S. I include this note below because it is pure speculation and unworthy of inclusion in the meticulously researched treatise above. I have it on good word that according to certain cybergnostic metamathmeticians there is theoretically no limit to how large a Deva can grow. It is entirely possible that the entire multiverse consists of such an entity, and that devas might just be fragments of one enormous ten dimensional hypersolid. They might be the means by which such an entity communicates, lending credence to the primitive understanding of devas as “messengers.”


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