demeteris authoritat

Demeteris authoritat refers to a system of governance found within many systems of the Vetani and Orahalcian Astroplexia (e.g., Erifu, Hardon, Obia, T’Euvu, etc). They are comprised of a Representative Body, with three appointed representatives per colony, which is headed by a Demeterian Incarnation. These Incarnations in turn comprise the Incarnate Council, whose authority spans multiple systems.

The purpose of a demeteris authoritat is to provide a platform for the just arbitration of intercolonial grievances and the passage of system-wide laws. In reality, its work is highly political, with favors and allegiances changing hands at whirlwind speeds. There are no real checks on the power of an Incarnation, so the primary function of representatives is to maintain favored status with this being, or to broker deals and treaties among themselves so as not to necessitate an Incarnation’s (often heavy-handed) intervention.

The authoritat enforces its decisions primarily through the use of boxil soldiers, the production and control of which remain one of the most highly guarded secrets of the Incarnate Council. It is speculated that directives are issued to the fungi by the Council through a combination of mass psycholalia and communication devices situated throughout the nearvoid.

The life cycle of a single Demeterian Incarnation may extend across several Ages. Once its host nears depletion, the Representative Body “promotes” one of its members to serve as the next host for the Incarnation (subject to the Incarnation’s final approval). Although considered a position of honor, it is also a convenient method for disposing of the most problematic representatives.

Note that the natural form of a Demeterian has yet to be documented.

  • entry by Jirge Imega of Erifu IX

demeteris authoritat

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