Codices Proteus X and XI

Proteus X and Proteus XI are the designations of two partial microfiche recovered from the catacombs beneath the streets of Yi-Vinrof on Vetani Main’s northern continent. The texts are the work of several unknown authors, and were assembled by an unknown compiler in the winter of -937 Post-Sundering (212.5 Pre-Orahalcian Calendar). The codices are the only surviving members of a series of twenty-three. Together they record more than two hundred and fifty items – party invitations, portions of personal diaries, news documents, apparently random scientific pieces.

X and XI are the only collections of their kinds, offering a unique window into Vetani life in the millennium before the First Sundering. Their earliest appearance in the historical record was as a brief entry in Seul Lio’s “Omnilog of Materia”. The microfiche were known to be in the collections of Ziru-Muj IV, but were lost in the Third Sundering. Only well after the Greatest Sundering (ca. 17,598 PS/ 8100 OC) were they rediscovered at Yi-Vinrof by Tautologist Archaeologists.

Proteus X and XI include materials from -985 to -937 (PS). Of the events described in the codices, the most significant has been the entry of the Archopanspermia Azoica xenovirus into the Vetani worlds’ biozone. The controversial 19:15f is the only possible eyewitness account of the Azoica’s arrival, which may have ultimately led to the First Sundering nearly a thousand years later. Until more evidence is uncovered, however, the period between 212 (Pre-OC) and the years right before the Sundering itself (loosely documented in “Before We Could Speak”) remain exceedingly murky.

  • contributed by Shishil Doon Crow

Codices Proteus X and XI

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