Catalite is a rare crystalline mineral found in the shells of stars that have been consumed and excreted by a supermassive astrophage. It is typically dark gray to black in appearance (though lighter specimens have been found) with highly refractory septagonal facets. It is also inordinately dense, such that a mere bunn of the material weighs over 200 doms.

Aside from its value as a commodity, catalite in and of itself is useless; it is not until it is subjected to the Dagandamian refinement process pioneered by Ptrerar Dagandam of T’Euvu Omega and converted into Catalyst X that it can be used to power the infinity engines which enable tesseract vessels to travel through the void instantaneously. (Technically, this form of locomotion is more appropriately termed “simultaneous” than instantaneous, as a vessel very briefly occupies multiple spaces at once when an infinity drive is engaged.)

The last known living astrophage died in captivity in 2056 (Orahalcian calendar), which would suggest that the supply of catalite is finite. Its implosive death devoured the worlds and fleets comprising the Tripartite Hegemony and set the Third Great Sundering into motion.

  • entry by Jirge Imega of Erifu IX


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