Beryl Elios

Beryl Elios

Beryl Elios (577-624 PS) was an Orahalciadian performer and composer, and is often regarded as the greatest kazoo artist of her generation.

Early Life

Beryl Elios began playing and composing music at the age of three, and two years later became the youngest person to ever be accepted into the prestigious Theopemptos School for the Arts. While Elios was expelled from university years later for her unorthodox kazoo playing, she went on to enjoy considerable success in the kazoo bar scene before beginning her adult career in kazoozical theater.

Professional Career

Beryl Elios is the composer of over thirty kazoosicals including such timeless classics as East Side Parable, Kazooist in the Basement, Kawanii and his Inestimable Pastel Leotards, Berrunes, Ghost of the Improv Theater, and The Overly Excitables.

In 606 PS she produced a film version of Berrunes, a wildly popular kazoozical based on the rise and fall of the Berrunian Empire featuring the hit song “Biological Encoding, Storage, and Retrieval.” Despite poor initial reviews and isolated protests by veterans of the bloody Void Wars, the movie achieved enormous critical and commercial success, winning nine Haedrional Awards including Best Picture and Best Musical Score.

  • Written by Reinink Tardieu, the Self Originate

Beryl Elios

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