The Berrune are a voidfaring race of felines, similar in size and appearance to the small, arboreal Eckian spotted wildcat, but are distinguished by having four ears, four eyes, and six toes on each foot. Members of higher castes can be recognized by further variations; having two faces, for example, or four tails. Their vessels are characterized by an umbilic torus design.

In addition to advanced technology (particularly in regard to void travel and weaponry), the Berrune possess formidable psychokinetic abilities. Their culture seems to pride war and conquest above all else, at least when other civilizations have encountered them; most notably, the Berrune expanded their territory tremendously following the Third Great Sundering of 2056 (Orahalcian calendar). According to historian Fezoar of Oddr IV, the fall of the Tripartite Hegemony created a power vacuum that the Berrune were easily able to fill with their relative organization and military superiority. They controlled the Geneb and Uhem systems for over two hundred and fifty cycles until their fleet was demolished in the Fourth Great Sundering. This loss reduced their power significantly and necessitated a withdrawal to their home system, possibly Opacabi or Co-Yoq.

When the Berrune attempted a short-lived terrestrial invasion of Hardon III in 2077, it was serendipitously discovered that they were deathly allergic to holly pet pollen.

  • entry by Jirge Imega of Erifu IX


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