We will be using this space to play Lexicon, a collaborative narrative-writing game thought up by Neel Krishnaswami.

To play, complete the following steps:

  • Sign Up with Obsidian Portal, and I will invite you to join the campaign.
  • Read the Rules.
  • Read the House Rules.
  • Wait for your cue to begin turn A . . .
  • Visit the page below, “The Sealed Texts”, and choose to edit that page.
  • Add an Entry to the page by putting double brackets – “[[” and “]]” – around the entry name. Save the entry.
  • Visit the page you just made. Edit it to your liking. Remember to include citations according to the rules! Citations are made exactly the same way as any other page.

We are currently on turn L.

And now, welcome to The Sealed Texts . . .

Sealed Texts of the Sundered Age

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